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Weekly Astrology Forecast, April 9-15: Exuding Playfulness

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This week brings what’s considered to be the luckiest day of the year in astrological terms. When the Sun and Jupiter come together in close proximity on April 11, 2023, be ready for abundance, possibilities, connection, and those moments when everything seems to come together.

Jupiter Cazimi

The Sun has always been a central focus in astrology. It is the giver of life and vitality. It represents the spark that is our spirit and our individual self, the motivating force behind all movement and expression.

When the Sun comes almost in alignment with a planet, it is known as a cazimi, which is derived from an Arabic term meaning “in the heart of the Sun.” A cazimi is a special moment in time that brings emphasis to the specific themes of that planet.

Jupiter cazimi is understood to be the most auspicious of these alignments. Often referred to as the planet of expansion, Jupiter brings growth wherever it goes. It heralds luck, abundance, and opportunities. Those themes are amplified when it comes into its annual connection with the Sun, which takes place this year on April 11. The Sun amplifies the frequencies of Jupiter and expresses them through its rays.

As this happens, we are offered a profound sense of optimism, possibility, gratitude, and enthusiasm. Think big, believe in yourself, celebrate your growth, and invite in new opportunities.

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Venus in Gemini

In astrology, Venus is our planet of love. She represents beauty, harmony, pleasure, receptivity, and value. Wherever Venus travels through our cosmos, she brings blessings, beauty, and ease.

Gemini is a social air sign of communication, variety, and curiosity. It is how we connect and interact with the environments, situations, possibilities, and persons around us.

As Venus comes into Gemini on April 11, playfulness and ease will fill the air. Venus in Gemini shows us that beauty, value, and connection can be found in a variety of places, spaces, and souls. It’s also a harmonious time for spaciousness in exploring a variety of different art forms, local communities and organizations, books, art, theater, or natural spaces. Let it be fun.

Venus will remain in Gemini until May 7, 2023. During this transit, allow your communication to be a vehicle of love’s expression. Invite your words to connect you with others. Welcome a sense of play, beauty, and curiosity into your days. There is a beautiful opportunity throughout this time to connect with others through your thoughts, share love and romance through words, and find harmony through your mind and body.

Your Invitation

You can call it luck, you can call it alignment, you can call it magic or blessings. Whatever it is, you are invited this week to celebrate it. You are also asked to celebrate your growth at each step along the way, allowing you to celebrate who you have become at each place along the way.

As the Sun and Jupiter come together, say yes to what excites you. Jupiter is always inviting more into your life. It’s also a time to invite yourself to expand beyond the limits of what you consider possible for yourself. Perhaps there is something glorious waiting just beyond your sight.

Celebrate Venus through seeing the beauty that surrounds you through your experience of play, art, connecting and creating community with humans, and joy. Expression is what holds us all together and allows us to peek into the beauty of another’s mind.

As Venus comes into Gemini, our very expression may be essential to experiencing the opportunities and possibilities that the Jupiter cazimi is inviting us to experience.

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