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Unveiling the Zara Beauty Line

Zara Beauty, the sprawling new make-up line launched on May 12, 2021, seems to tick all the boxes at a price, accompanied by the word luxury.

The line has more than 130 colors, all vegan, refillable and clean recipes. We thought that this would be the only line for the summer season, as far as we know so far. (0)

The special cosmetics section will be called Zara Beauty and will include a full range of beauty products for eyes, lips, face and nails. Financials will be selected in Zara stores and Zara beauty products will be available from May 12. (3)

A special program allows browsers to simulate the results of applying different products to eyes, lips, face and nails. It is also possible to test how the cosmetics range affects our skin tones, accompanied by a range of beauty tips and ideas. (5)

There’s a selection of refillable cheek bronzers, blush and highlighter palettes, a standalone bronzer (we’ll have to see how it fades on darker skin), rouge, a round set of makeup brushes and 39 nail colors. The eyes are supplied by a refillable six times two pan with eyeshadow palettes and refillable liner with loose metal foil pigments. (8)

Banks spreads anti-aging wealth and not only tells us to drink plenty of water and moisturize by unveiling her own skincare line, a toolbox to freeze your face in the blink of an eye, just like La Tyra. This makes perfect sense to us, because Banks is a self-proclaimed perfectionist who will not let up until the market is right. The Zara Beauty line has been in the making for years. (2)

Young shoppers enjoy Zara’s appeal. They will strengthen their connection with their customers by introducing Beauty in stores and on the Internet. They can create unique looks with the huge assortment, satisfying the desire for the new looks their customers want, and with the price points they can easily see sales grow. This is a big win for Zara Beauty, which will revolutionize the industry.