Traveling to Exotic Palau

Palau is a beautiful island nation southwest of the Philippines in the North Pacific. I found it one of the most beautiful places to visit in the Pacific. Tourism is Palau’s largest industry and one of the richest nations in the region. The cities are well developed and clean, and I saw shops like Koror welcoming tourists. (4)

The southwestern islands of Palau are worth a visit if you have your own sea transport like a deep-sea yacht. There are also many large dive operators based there. The Sonsorol, Fana Meriil, Hatohobei and Helen reefs are all protected areas. (2)

Long Island Park offers some interesting snorkeling areas. Many tourists behave badly by picking up and throwing jellyfish or beating them with fins. Do not contact your tour guide if you see such behaviour. (2)

Snorkeling and diving are very popular in Palau, but in recent history there have never been reports of attacks on tourists. The rarity of the attacks stems from the fact that there are more than 450 adult individuals on the island. In the history of Palau there has only been one fatal attack by a crocodile, in 1965. The largest crocodile on Palau in history was 14 2 “long, which is larger than the average size of saltwater crocodiles in most other countries. (2)

It is expected that more tourists will come to the island to explore one of the many sights and attractions. Jellyfish lake: The jellyfish lake is a sea lake on the island of Eil Malk in Palau. It is one of the rocky islands and UNESCO World Heritage Site. (4)

It is a country in the western part of the Pacific. It is an archipelago consisting of 340 coral and volcanic islands. I was able to spend some time in Jellyfish Lake and the experience was fantastic. (4)

Numerous tour operators offer tours in the surrounding area. How to get there: You can walk to the islands if you are involved in Palau’s waters. Once you have passed the islands, you can take a dive or take the state ferry from Koror Peleliu, which I highly recommend. (0)

One of the most popular destinations in Palau are the rocky islands. It is a cluster of 300 small islands formed by volcanic activity. Most of them are on the island of Peleliu. However, it is also possible to encounter other places. (6)

Those who want to see the jungle of Palauan, historical and traditional sites and more should check out these 4×4 adventure tours. In Palau there are a number of historical sites from the Second World War and traditional houses to visit, and on the Carp Island you can see the stone money, and it is huge. (7)

Not only for divers Palau is an often dreamed place for divers. For those who prefer to sit in a boat and watch the rocky islands sail by, I recommend this kayaking tour to the rocky islands. I also recommend the Jellyfish Lake and Rock Islands Kayak Tour by Impac, which allows you to visit the lake and islands in a single day. (0)

This 14 km stretch of coastline is one of the most beautiful beaches in Palau. It is also the most visited beautiful beach of the island by tourists. Malakal Island: This island belongs to the state of Koror. (4)

You can also visit the monkeys of Angaur Island. There are more World War II relics on the island, where most of the fighting took place, than on Peleliu, but the relaxed atmosphere of the monkeys can be found everywhere in Palau. It was the Germans who brought the monkeys there. (0)

At first glance, Palau’s beauty is easy to discern, but upon closer inspection, the scars of the savage battles that took place on the coasts during the Second World War become visible. Ship and plane wrecks remain buried in the dark lagoon, and forgotten bunkers and rusted machine guns pepper the island. (3)

Most of those who come to Palau go diving. Blue Corner is the best because it has divers, a friend told me. Those who have snorkelled there can confirm that it is a fantastic place, but there is only a limited area I could reach. (7)

Look out for Palau flight deals. Depending on the network you belong to, you can book a flight to East Asia or Guam for as little as 15,000 miles when your airline partner flies there. Most return flights cost between $400 and $600. In 2016, a contract that offered tickets for a round trip from Amsterdam to Koror for 250 euros expired. When I visited Palau in November 2016, the island said they wanted to diversify their tourism to attract more Europeans and North Americans to Palau, and that it would accommodate China. (7)

A major attraction in Palau is the famous jellyfish lake. Of all the jellyfish lakes, Ongeiml, Tketau, Eil and Malk are the only ones where you can swim. Snorkeling is the only diving and not allowed. The Palau government reopened the lakes to the public in December 2018 after closing them for two years to allow jellyfish populations to recover. (1)

Some areas of Palau are vulnerable to unexploded ordnance. Bombs and other exploding weapons were left over from the Second World War. You should be aware of your surroundings and always keep an eye on your belongings. (6)

Yellow fever: Check the vaccinations section for possible entry requirements related to yellow fever. Cholera: You must provide proof of the cholera vaccine before entering an infected area. Departure fees: There are two fees at departure: US $20 for airport tax and US $30 for environmental charges. (5)

Water sports: Follow local safety instructions before engaging in adventure sports, including scuba diving. Be careful when diving or exploring caves and heed warnings of areas that may be affected. Road safety: The roads in Koror are in good condition. Buses and taxis are available in and around Koror. Duds: In Palau there are World War II duds in Angaur and Peleliu. (5)

Check with your transport company about passport requirements before you travel. Its rules on the validity of passports could be stricter than the entry requirements of countries. Entry regulations vary depending on the type of passport. With a regular Canadian passport, your passport is valid for 6 months from the date you are expected to leave for Palau. (5)

Swimsuit: Palau offers fantastic opportunities for snorkeling and diving. Be sure to bring a swimsuit and do not forget your diving license if you want to dive. The U.S. Embassy in Palau is located in Koror, the largest city and former capital of Palau. (6)