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‘The Resident’ Fans Vow “Not to Return” to Fox After Hearing This Devastating Season 7 News

It’s been nearly three months since The Resident fans last saw Dr. Conrad Hawkins (Matt Czuchry) in the season 6 finale, and unfortunately, a season 7 reunion might not be in the cards.

With season finales of popular shows on the horizon this spring, many are wondering about the status of the Fox medical drama. So far, the announcements have been pretty bleak. Alarms started going off when news broke that the show wouldn’t be coming back in the fall with new episodes. According to TVLine, a Resident insider confirmed that the series was “essentially done” after a five-year run.

Although this information has not been confirmed by Fox, viewers couldn’t help but feel anxious about the possibility of the show ending, especially after The Resident co-creator Amy Holden Jones revealed that she was also out of the loop, saying she hadn’t “gotten any indication” about a season 7 renewal.

Upon hearing this tidbit from TVLine’s source and word from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that show props had been sold, The Resident fans immediately took to Twitter with their thoughts and even threatened to stop watching the show’s channel if it was cut from the fall 2023 lineup.

‘The Resident’

'The Resident'

“I’m definitely not returning to @FOXTV if #TheResident is not returning… I have been burned too many times by that network… the resident is my last thread, so if the network [severs] it, I’m done… cause clearly fox has no respect for their viewers,” one person wrote. “I just fell to my knees in front of everyone at Target 😭😭😭,” another added. “Please say it won’t be so 😢,” a different follower said.

Still, others are choosing to stay hopeful that the news isn’t official. “It’s not over until @FOXTV says it’s over so let’s keep the fight to save our show going until then !!!!” someone else chimed in.

What’s more, this is also the route that the show’s co-creator Amy is taking. But she did make it sound like the chance of season 7 not happening crossed her mind when the cast filmed season 6. Per TVLine, the latest finale was intentionally written to be a potential series finale.

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“I will always be proud of all we’ve done and how we’ve done it. If it ends, there will be sorrow, but we rang the bell,” she told the outlet. “If not, our goal has always been higher and higher, better and better. I can promise a great season 7, should it occur.”

So, what has The Resident renewal timeline looked like before? For the past three seasons, Fox has ordered more episodes around mid-May. Season 6 was renewed on May 16, 2022, season 5 on May 17, 2021 and season 4 on May 19, 2020. In other words, The Resident might not be done just yet. We may know more in the weeks to come.

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