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The November Full Moon | Om Yoga Magazine

As we move through November, Autumn and all the wonderful events at this time of year, there is one event that cannot be missed – On November 27th at 4.16 a.m. EST we will see the arrival of the ‘Beaver Moon’.

As the name of this full moon suggests, the Beaver Moon is associated with preparing for winter, for creating a nest, ensuring sufficient food and bunkering down for the cold spell ahead.

That’s not to say this is what you should do (I don’t think your workplace will thank me for that!)

But it’s a time to hone in on self care, on slowing down, eating well, resting and prioritizing what is important right now and what can wait until spring.

Beavers often become architects and carpenters at this time of the year, creating a home they are proud of, and a lifestyle they are happy to settle down with.

Use this as inspiration, your final motivation before winter becomes all too apparent, transform your life, your routine, into something you are happy with. Figure out where you need to exert more energy, who needs your positivity and kind words and where do you need to mend the gaps in your spiritual foundation to rid yourself of negativity in order to create the contentment you crave.

And even when the big freeze is here, are you happy in the life you created? Are you able to continue through the toughest season of the year? Have you made a comfortable sanctuary away from the elements to find inner peace and stillness?

The Beaver Moon has the unique spiritual meaning of self expression, self worth and authentic inner stability, all of which can be achieved by you.

The November full moon holds a magical element of cleansing, protection and starting anew, which is the perfect time to set up a cleansing ritual to bring in this new beginning, here’s how;

  • Find a quiet space where you can have a moment or two alone, open a window to allow energy to be freely released and choose a candle, this is your personal choice so get creative, you could even make your own, find something that resonates with you and the new intentions you are about to make.