Seakeeper introduces Ride, a new boat-leveling product.

In 2002, Seakeeper began to make a name for itself with its gyroscopic stabilizers. Since then, thousands of Seakeepers have been installed to reduce boat roll.

Now Seakeeper has launched a new “vessel attitude control system.” Called Ride, they say it eliminates up to 70 percent of pitch and roll for boats up to 35 feet in length.

The system uses two transom-mounted controllers below the waterline, which generate lift by intercepting the flow of water as it leaves the hull. Proprietary sensing technology measures the boat’s behavior, which then deploys rotary blades to counteract the boat’s pitch, roll and yaw.

According to Seakeeper, Ride is different from trim tabs or vertical interceptors; can make 100 adjustments per second to combat wave motion; and can adjust the angle of a boat in a turn. The system begins having trim authority at 10 miles per hour, and full stabilization benefits begin around 20 to 25 miles per hour.