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OM Yoga Magazine Survey

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Complete our reader survey for your chance to win XXX

Complete our reader survey for your chance to win a XX.

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Your yoga practice

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Once a week2-4 times a weekOver 5 times a week

At homeIn a studio/gymIn a class held elsewhere
Do you use online yoga classes?

Are you a yoga teacher?

Less than 1 year1-4 years5-8 yearsOver 8 years

YesNoNot yet, but I plan to


Is good nutrition a high priority for you?

Do you stay physically active?

Do you favour natural and organic beauty/cosmetic products?

Higher managerial, administrative or professionalIntermediate managerial, administrative or professionalSupervisory or clerical, junior managerial, administrative or professionalSkilled manualSemi and unskilled manualOther

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What would you like to see more of in OM Yoga magazine?

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