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Firstly, I think the yoga world is still in a state of flux. Market dynamics are still shaking things around – post pandemic and the emergence of online yoga. As a teacher and trainer, I see these main trends:

Studio teaching is slowly getting back on its feet – but practicing yoga online is such a huge development and has changed us all in so many ways; it’s never going back to ‘how its was’.

Frankly, there are so many positives to online yoga – convenience, accessibility and more. As a ‘yoga consumer’ you can get whatever you want, whenever you want – we won’t ever go back. This works really well if you ‘just’ want a class or a course, or access to a teacher that is geographically distanced. I also think it has encouraged students to understand the benefit of building a self-practice – which has to be one of the goals of yoga practice.

I’ve had students from Australia, Canada and all over Europe attend my trainings – this wouldn’t have been possible pre-pandemic. It’s really fabulous. But students of real yoga will want to go deeper; will want a deeper connection with their teacher, with the material, with the self. Time to understand, to explore, to deepen knowledge. I see a rise in workshop and retreat attendances, in hybrid courses – part online, part in-person.

I also see a rise in specialism in yoga teaching – if you can access a bog-standard Vinyasa class online, in the park, at the gym, these are already commoditised and it’s difficult to stand out. But as we realise how important health really is, many students will seek to deepen their studies in order to drive out more health benefits.

So, specialist teaching and training is going to continue to be attractive. Restorative and Yin are well known, but there are more distinct practices for health and wellbeing, meditation, breathing, targeted health and I suspect more will emerge. Yoga teachers just want to share the benefits of yoga.

I fundamentally think each teacher needs to think about and understand what they are offering – what’s the intention behind your teaching? What are you looking to share and why? Once we each answer that question, our path becomes clear.

Written and compiled by Claudia Brown (