My Boat My Life: 31 Contender – Anglers Journal

Brian Rice’s grandfather owned a nicely outfitted Johnson Brothers powerboat but didn’t know a thing about fishing — nor did he want to. Luckily for Rice, his father and uncle loved to fish and made good use of the boat in their home waters around the Navesink River in New Jersey. His father eventually turned his attention toward bringing Rice into the tribe.

“My father is the one who got me into fishing,” Rice says. “Every Saturday and Sunday, I would fish with him for an hour or two and get really seasick. I’d go home, lay down for an hour or two and then go fishing again. I just kind of fought through it. That’s part of the passion for fishing I’ve had since I was 5 years old.”

Rice ran a number of boats when he was a kid, including a 12-foot aluminum Starcraft rowboat, a 13-foot Boston Whaler and a 16-foot, cedar-planked Garvey with a 35-hp Evinrude. His fishing targets were primarily spring and fall stripers in the Navesink River and Sandy Hook Bay. “It was difficult to keep me off the water,” he says. “I was totally addicted from the get-go.”