Madelyn Cline on Her ‘Outer Banks’ Beauty Essentials and Brand-New Revlon Role

A brand like Revlon has so much history behind it. Some of its products are industry icons, like a 1952 red lipstick called Fire & Ice. Does that sense of opposing forces resonate with you? And what would be your signature shade? 

Everybody has their own duality. There’s the person they are on the inside, and then what you’re projecting to the world. I’m a very, very passionate person, and I am incredibly emotional, but I just do not show it. I never truly let everything I’m feeling show, unless I am either alone or incredibly comfortable. So Fire & Ice does resonate. I feel like that could also be what people are calling “feminine rage”—I’ve been seeing a lot of that on TikTok recently. Sometimes, especially women, we feel so deeply, but we’re not always allowed to portray [that]. 

I’ve been really, really into the Super Lustrous Daylight Delight, which is a pinky nude. But if I had to choose another color, it would be maybe a coffee, like a latte mocha. I love a brown lip, especially during the winter. 

On Instagram a while back, you posted a photo of a makeup artist’s eye shadow tray, with the DIY label “Basic Bitches.” What’s your go-to eye makeup?

That was a picture from the Revlon campaign! Our makeup artist, she has all of these different palettes, and Basic Bitches is the creams and nude colors, which I thought was really funny. To be honest with you, my palette would be Basic Bitches, because I am so terrible at doing my own eye shadow. I understand it, but the execution, somewhere in the middle, it gets lost in translation. I usually tend towards maybe a tan or a taupe, and I just kind of put something there. Then I use a mascara and maybe a little waterline and call it a day. I’m more of an eyeliner girl than a shadow girl.

What has been your most reliable source of beauty advice—a family member, a makeup artist on set, TikTok?

My mom always put a really big emphasis on skin care. She said that a good skin care routine is a good makeup routine because it’s your base, and also our skin goes through so much, whether it’s stress and hormones, or our environment, or what we put on it—makeup even. So for me, one thing I’ll always put number one is my skin care routine.