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Life is a highway | Om Yoga Magazine

Upeksha is often described as equanimity, but ‘non-judgmental’ helps me to further refine its meaning. In the same breath that he told me he wanted a divorce, my soon-to-be-ex-husband told me he wanted a Porsche. MANSOME in his silver Spyder was made-to-order – sent from on high to ensure I was really, truly using this key – not succumbing to my own inner MANSOME temptation to veer onto snarky #midlifecrisis offramps.

All of us are wonderfully imperfect, and every single one of us is going through something. We don’t, as Marcus Aurelius said, want to become our enemy – and often we are our own worst enemy. There’s a little bit of MANSOME in all of us. When I told this story as a theme for one of my online classes, I got an explosion of emails from people who felt the same. “Now I know what to name it,” one of them said.

Life is a highway where we merge and exit, and where friendliness, compassion, delight, and non-judgment are key. TKV Desikachar said, “If we can be pleased with others who are happier than ourselves, compassionate toward those who are unhappy, joyful with those doing praiseworthy things, and remain undisturbed by the errors of others, our mind will be very tranquil.”

As we share the road together on our journeys, let’s wave each other in at our own pace to find our place in the inevitable traffic of life. Amidst the twists and turns, we’ll try to replace our MANSOME impulse to flip the bird with space where maitri, karuna, mudita and epeksha are heard.

And when the road gets bumpy, when it’s challenging to get all four keys into our ignition, we’ll remind one another, “Don’t get discouraged, it’s often the last key of the bunch that opens the lock.”