Hurricane Ian Relief Efforts – Anglers Journal

As soon as Hurricane Ian blew across Florida and back out to sea, the angling community jumped into action to help out those who lost everything. Tackle companies created dropoff areas where people could donate water, generators, gas cans and food. Nonprofits such as Captains for Clean Water and the International Game Fish Association jumped into action to raise money and gather donations.

Living in Florida, I’m always moved by the outpouring of support to help those recover after the storm but it’s the individuals I see on social media raising money and volunteering their time and muscle to make a difference that reaffirms my belief in the goodness of people.

A friend of mine, Capt. Bill D’Antuono, grew up and still lives in Naples, Florida, where he runs a spearfishing and sportfishing charter business. His house sits on a canal, with a dock in the backyard where he keeps his Contender. Before the storm, Bill moved his boat to higher ground but Ian flooded his house and all of his possessions inside were lost. The photos he posted broke my heart. It was just a year or so ago that Bill and I were having a beer on the dock behind his house, filleting fish after a day of red snapper fishing.