How To Give A Wow Power To Your Wall With Wallpaper?

Want to wake up your rooms? Samantha Pynn shows us how to give tired walls wow power with wallpaper.


Every home should have at least one room with wallpaper. A design superhero, wallpaper can completely transform the mood of a space and bring a ho-hum spot and its furnishings to life. Follow along, and I’ll show you tips and tricks on how to use wallpaper to layer piles of personal style into any space.

Fun with Wallpaper

For me, wallpaper is the most fun and sophisticated decorating device around. If you want to add colour, pattern, movement, depth and texture (all that good design stuff!) to a space, wallpaper it. In a large living room or entry, wallpaper makes a bold statement. Plus, neutral furniture will take on an entirely different personality depending on what pattern you choose. For example, the teal Farrow & Ball floral wallpaper (above) makes the wood floors and concrete fireplace feel vibrant and summery fresh. Tone-on-tone neutral wallpapers, on the other hand, will feel relaxed and soothing. If wallpaper in a big space makes your palms sweat, have no fear. You can still enjoy wallpaper’s power. I find there’s something so delightfully surprising about opening a door or rounding a corner to find wallpaper in an unexpected small space like a powder room, laundry room or walk-in closet. For an even smaller dose of fun, paper a tiny nook or niche like a bookcase or the interior of a glass-door cabinet – the beautiful pattern will elevate white dishes, unify random collections and make sparse shelves feel full. 


Fab & Functional

More than just a decorative element, wallpaper can solve design challenges, too. Use it behind a bench or desk to define an entry or office nook in an open-concept home. Wallpaper can also be used to customize furniture. For a luxurious look, wrap the tabletop and legs of an off-the-rack console or coffee table in a textured grasscloth or fabric wallcovering. As far as advancements in wallpaper go, there have been major ones that are both practical and pretty. High-performance wallcoverings stand up to scrubbing and are waterproof (great for bathrooms!), while acoustical wallpapers will dampen noise. Check out I love that their high-performance and acoustical wallcoverings are made from recycled plastic bottles in a wide range of colours that look like textured fabric. 



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  • Do use the right paper for the right room: metallics will reflect light and are great for moody spaces, while vibrant colour and pattern work well in spaces with plenty of natural light. 
  • Don’t overestimate your wallpapering skills, as
  • complex patterns can be hard to match, especially on uneven walls. Consider hiring a skilled installer.
  • Do measure twice and cut once!  
  • Don’t forget to prep and prime your walls for a smooth installation.



  • No matter how busy the wallpaper, furniture and accessories in solid colours will always work with it. 
  • The higher the contrast, the greater the pop – white accessories will especially stand out against a saturated colour. 
  • What to do with baseboards and trim? Unless you have white in your wallpaper, bright white trim can have a racing-stripe effect, so consider painting baseboards and trim in off-white, beige or grey. 
  • Don’t be afraid to mix patterns. Repeat shades of the same colour and you won’t go wrong. 


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