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Hoda Kotb Leaves ‘Today’ Fans Divided After She Revealed Bedroom Habit on Live TV

Hoda Kotb is getting real on the air about her nighttime habits, but what she revealed had many people divided … including her co-host.

During an August 22 segment on the Today show, Hoda and Jenna Bush Hager discussed the new trend of people building snack drawers to keep food under their beds. As the duo watched clips of people organizing their snacks, Hoda left Jenna completely baffled by her revelation about her own bedroom essentials.

“A lot of people love to snack in bed,” she said. “I feel you and I’m with you. I think it’s a good idea. A sleeve of Ritz crackers is good to have.”

As Jenna sat there shocked by Hoda’s outburst, she couldn’t help but interject with her own discernment on the snacking discourse. “I disagree,” Jenna replied. “Can you imagine what a sleeve, first of all, of Ritz crackers, does to your sheets? Hoda, you gotta give up eating in bed!”

“I love Ritz crackers,” Hoda rebutted back. “Why? It’s cozy!”

‘Today’ Show

'Today' Show

“It’s crummy!” Jenna retorted before attempting to drop the subject altogether.

Upon watching the news anchors disclose their opinions on bringing snacks into their beds, many felt divided over how they felt about it. Some sided with Hoda in the argument, voicing how they enjoyed a little evening food before going to sleep.

“I have a drawer in my nightstand dedicated to snacks 😂,” one person laughed on Instagram. “My mom has a small drawer she puts a few snacks into. No big deal 💖,” another agreed. “She can do whatever she wants in bed!” a different viewer added.

Others felt Jenna was right in her thoughts about eating in bed. “Team Jenna! All the crumbs equals bugs!!” one fan exclaimed. “Hoda nooooooo 😮 Now wine in bed … that’s another story 🍷,” another theorized. “Team Jenna on this one!” a different follower replied.

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