High or Low? An Holiday Living Room

Naughty or nice, a stylish place to snuggle for the holidays can be yours at the right price. One living room suits a Santa-size budget; the other, an elf’s. Which is which?



Photography, Foodivine studio

1 Everglade pine mirror, VdeV Maison,

2 Christmas wreath, Véronneau,

3 Frosted balls, $7 each, Véronneau,

4 Sleepy sofa bed, Maison Corbeil,

5 Merino wool throw, Tout Doux,

6 Lina linen cushion, Must Société,

7 Axel velvet cushion, Must Société,

8 Fabric wraps, $12, $16, $26, $30, $38, Next Chance,

9 Accra Nesting tables, Maison Corbeil,

10 Whitlock rug, Urban Barn,



Photography, Foodivine studio

1 mirror, Bouclair,

2 Christmas wreath, Bouclair,

3 Holiday Living Balls, set of 34, Rona,

4 Anton SOFA, Article,

5 throw, Véronneau,

6 Gurli pillow cover, IKEA,

7 Praktsalvia pillow cover, IKEA,

8 Gift wrapping, $8 (kraft paper), $8 (ribbons), Michaels,

9 Nest Nesting tables, Must Société,

10 Ivalu RUG, Structube,

► Christmas tree, Véronneau, Snowflake CUSHION, wood Accessories, Bouclair, Trees (on floor), Boutique Kozy, Ceramic House, HomeSense, FLOOR, Lanctot,

Soft Covers

When the weather outside is frightful, a stylish and fabulous throw is just delightful. Great as a gift (from Santa to you?), a good throw has certain non-negotiable properties, including warmth and sumputuous softness. Choose one in a colour and pattern that adds oomph to your existing decor. Then take cover…all winter, if necessary!


 Banda Merino wool throw, $150, CB2,

► Merino wool’s light weight belies its warmth. Its soft fibres make an ideal and dreamy throw.



Caramel Brown Faux Fur throw, $190, Crate and Barrel,



Oui’s Ivory throw, $70, Indigo,

The nest Best thing

We love how the look of nesting tables keeps evolving. The latest shape is round tables with slim bases – like a Venn diagram for the living room! When company’s over, pull the smaller one out for extra tabletop space. Chic, smart, sleek. Love it.



Keya NESTING COFFEE TABLES in Antique Brass, $2,199, Crate and Barrel,

Put a Ring on It!

Wreaths date from Classical Greek and Roman times, but you can thank the Victorians for Christmas wreaths. This timeless adornment is a must-have for the holidays.



Faux cedar wreath, 221/2″, CB2,



Frosted pine wreath, 231/2″, Amara,



Wreath, 191/2″, Bouclair,



Dinohhi eucalyptus wreath, 16″, Walmart,



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