High or Low? A Dining Room

Is a refresh of your dining room on the menu? We’ve got the look you’ll love at haute cuisine and  bistro prices. Can you tell which is which?



Photography, Tango

1 Copernic pendant, Tungstene,

2 poster, $66, frame, $77, Opposite Wall,

3 Eclipse metal vase, Mobilia,

4 Gharyan stoneware: large PlateS, $34 each; BOWLS, $28 each; small plateS, $19 each; Mugs, $26 each; 3 Femmes et 1 Coussin,

5 Jonathan Adler’s Muse Dora Maar VASE, Maison Lipari,

6 Poem water glasses, $72, set of 2, Maison Lipari,

7 Black cherrywood CHAIRS, $440 each, Woodstock,

8 Classic cherrywood table, Woodstock,

9 Wuxian RUG, 5′ x 8′, Mobilia,



Photography, Tango

1 pendant, Bouclair,

2 Abstract wall art, Boutique Kozy,

3 Black vase, Bouclair,

4 Mayne dish set, Urban Barn,

5 Face vase, Bouclair,

6 Optic glasses, $13 each, VdeV,

7 Norrayd chairs, $125 each, IKEA,

8 Roenninge table, IKEA,

9 Tebstrup rug, 5’3″ x 7’10”, IKEA,

►  Laurentides self-adhesive MURAL, Emilie Cerretti, Table runner, napkins, wool cushions, Simons, Wood tray, Bouclair,

Above All!

Even if you aren’t investing in new furniture, a modern chandelier will instantly and easily give your dining room an updated, refreshed look.



Arnau bent metal linear CHANDELIER, $699, Crate and Barrel,

Mural, Mural

…on the wall. Haven’t got the foggiest how to add oomph to a ho-hum room? After a few years of being back on the decorating scene, murals and wallpapers have proven they’re sticking around for a while. We are loving a mysterious, misty forest setting for its subtle, quiet beauty.



Foggy Forest mural, $34 per square metre, Photowall,



Mystic Forest mural, from $675, Manon Leblanc,



Reflexion muraL, from $150, Emilie Cerretti,

House of Windsor

Modern takes on the classic Windsor chair.



Cappellini’s Newood, GR Shop by Gabriel Ross,



Kay dining, Modern Furniture,



Antoine Gilmer, Urban Barn,



OSP Home Furnishings, Amazon,



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