Grey’s Anatomy Divorce Drama

A Longtime Grey’s Anatomy writer whose marriage is on life support is under investigation after her estranged wife ratted her out — claiming the supposedly true-life storylines she pitched for the popular show were nothing but “lies!”

Elisabeth Finch, 44, wrote a series of heart-tugging scripts for 13 episodes of the ABC doctors’ drama exploring cancer, abortion and sexual abuse.

She talked up her storylines to reporters and even wrote essays about them in major magazines, touting the tales as torn from the pages of her own trauma-filled medical charts!

But as her marriage of less than two years started flatlining, Finch’s wife — Jennifer Beyer, 40 — notified showrunner Shonda Rhimes’ production company, Shondaland, as well as ABC’s parent company, Disney, that Finch was full of it!

Some of the material, she claims, was lifted from Beyer’s OWN life — and some, she says, just never happened!

Finch is now said to be on administrative leave while the show does a thorough checkup into her soon-to-be ex-wife’s shocking claims.

“Ms. Finch is not going to discuss her private health matters,” says the embattled TV writer’s lawyer.

“Likewise, she will not speak about her pending divorce from her estranged wife, Jennifer Beyer, or comment on any statements that Ms. Beyer may have made to third parties about Ms. Finch.”

But a colleague says this is not the first time people on the staff have wondered about Finch’s scripts, including a botched bone-cancer diagnosis at age 34 and having an abortion while undergoing chemo.

“There was so much craziness in her life and she was so cryptic and private and it was always like, what is the story here?” dishes the insider.

“It often felt like a carrot-dangle but I just thought we were dealing with someone who was wildly insecure, but not some sort of mastermind!”