Green with Envy! The Colour of the Season

Green is the colour of the season and we’re seeing it spring up everywhere! Whether you choose to make a bold statement or dabble with accessories, your choice will exude style and beauty – not to mention a lively pop of colour!


A green kitchen is a huge commitment, but one that will surely pay off! Just imagine, you design a beautiful green kitchen with side gables in walnut and brushed gold hardware. I can assure you that your own jaw will drop every single time you walk into your kitchen, which will be many times a day because, as I always say, a kitchen is the heart of a home. If you’re not quite ready to make such a bold, show-stopping decision, consider doing a bathroom vanity in green. It can have a similar effect but on a much smaller budget. Also, you will safeguard yourself if you wish to change things up in the future.




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If you’re not in a position to be able to renovate your kitchen or update a bathroom vanity, then consider these following options to still be on trend. Paint your front door in the most beautiful green. We’ve all seen the iconic red doors as we drive through any neighbourhood, but it’s now time for green! Not a fan of a green front door to greet your guests? You’d like to keep your decision within the confines of your home? Then why not a luxurious green accent wall in the dining room or primary bedroom. It’s very easy to do and just as easy to reverse.



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Still feeling that paint may be too much of a commitment? Then opt for green accessories around the house! This is a simple, but still excellent, way of incorporating the colour of the season in your home without breaking the bank!



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Green is the way to go! I think it’s timeless, elegant, sophisticated, and adds life in whatever capacity you choose. I put in a rich navy blue kitchen when I renovated my home, however, green has left me with a ton of envy!!

Rizwan Malik



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