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GordonDunning Brings Cohesion to Atlanta Home

They already had an incredible collection of antiques—from small baubles and bits to furnishings that the wife has personally collected as well as silver and crystal collections that were handed down from her grandmother and her mother that were to be used daily. She wanted to incorporate as many of these as possible, and Dunning and Gordon took much of the design inspiration from these special pieces. Their Southern hearts were aflutter with this one!

From the multigenerational storytelling aspects of the client’s collections to their collective aesthetic, there was a Southern sensitivity throughout this entire process. They loved having conversations about how to best use Grandma’s candelabra, how their china and silver will look in the new dining space, and how the hutch from her grandfather’s pharmacy will fit in a new location.

Dunning and Gordon wanted to feature as many of these pieces as possible, focusing the design conversation around how a family builds memories and uses their spaces. They updated/reupholstered some of their beloved pieces and really refined the palette and overall flow of the home.

They paired antique prints with artwork by the couple’s daughters and flanked an antique family heirloom with modern abstract artwork. The clients had also invested in local and emerging artists’ work and had a number of beautiful and impactful pieces by contemporary artists such as Megan Lightell, Whitney Stoddard, Kayce Hughes, and Renée Bouchon, which GordonDunning were careful to incorporate.

The new spaces exude traditional warmth and timeless sensibility. A backdrop for the family to enjoy a new appreciation of their heirlooms and make new memories with them for years to come.

“We adore working with clients who have storied collections, as it truly enhances the spirit of the project. There is something extra special when the storied pieces are from family.” —Lathem Gordon

Article source: www.southernhomemagazine.com