Friends Wage Last-ditch Intervention for Hayden Panettiere

Troubled Hayden Panettiere’s concerned pals plan to stage an intervention after the boozy “Nashville” beauty became embroiled in a Los Angeles brawl alongside bad boy beau Brian Hickerson, sources spill.

“Hayden’s rekindled relationship with Brian was already raising alarms. But this fight was the last straw,” an insider confides.

“Some people around her are convinced she needs an intervention — and soon. Her family and friends want to get her help and away from her boyfriend. They fear he’s leading her down a path of self-destruction.”

Spy witnesses claim hotheaded Hickerson, 32, blasted a fellow patron for being a poor tipper at a restaurant in the Sunset Marquis hotel, triggering the massive street melee!

Hayden, 32, also became involved in the scuffle, raising fresh worries for the Heroes hottie!

According to the source, friends were shocked the star was hanging out with Hickerson. The former jailbird, who’s still on probation, was slapped with a 45-day sentence last year following his no contest plea to two felony charges after injuring Hayden.

The actress has already endured a stressful 2022 as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine forced her seven-year-old daughter, Kaya, to flee the Eastern European nation where she lived with her father — Hayden’s ex Wladimir Klitschko, who stayed behind to fight in the war. Kaya’s whereabouts are being kept under wraps to protect the child’s safety.

“Just a few months ago, Hayden was focused on working on her sobriety. People are afraid her issues with alcohol have returned at a time when Kaya needs her most,” squeals the insider.

A rep for Hayden insists she is “doing great.” But sources say the star is severing ties with anyone who dislikes Brian, and pals worry their relationship will turn toxic — again.

“Brian clearly has anger management issues and violent tendencies,” the insider snitches. “Her loved ones are really worried about her.”