Epstein Madam’s Assassin Terror

Convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell was so paranoid she was marked for death, murdered pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s madam kept a hand grenade on her desk and was fearful of deliverymen, says her former dog walker and gofer Rasmus Alpsjo.

The 31-year-old Swede says he worked and lived at Maxwell’s East 65th Street Manhattan townhouse in 2015 for three months walking her Vizsla dog Captain Nemo, fetching her java from Starbucks and grilling hamburgers for her wealthy party guests.

At the time, he had no idea Ghislaine, now 60, who was convicted of sex trafficking minors on Dec. 29, was the former mistress and pimp for twisted billionaire Epstein, who was found dead in his prison cell in 2019.

Alpsjo was interviewed for the gig by Ghislaine’s shipping tycoon pal Scott Borgerson, who warned him secrecy was top priority, saying: “The woman that you’re working for, living with, she’s a very famous woman so you can never say who she is, and you can never bring people to the house and you have to be quiet about all this.”

Alpsjo claims another dog walker revealed Borgerson — who later married Maxwell and dumped her while she was in prison — worked for the CIA. But there’s no indication Borgerson is a spy.

Once when Alpsjo let a delivery guy inside, Ghislaine freaked out, yelling at him: “That could have been any­one.”

“That could have been someone who wanted to kill me” and then she threatened to can him, adding: “I’m thinking about sending you home.”

Alpsjo, who was paid $300 a week and lived in a basement room, says Ghislaine insisted on hiring tall, blond Swedish men even though she told him she’d never been to that country.

As GLOBE previously reported, former President Bill Clinton invited Epstein and Maxwell to the White House and flew on the twisted billionaire’s jet at least a dozen times.

Alpsjo recalls Ghislaine showing him a copy of Clinton’s autobiography in which the former president had written: “To Ghislaine with love.” Clinton insists he had no idea of Epstein’s or Maxwell’s child sex trafficking crimes.