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Easter at Hill House with Paula Sutton

Paula Sutton’s Easter @hillhousevintage Instagram posts are as eagerly awaited as chocolate eggs and fluffy bunnies. Her mix of aspirational but accessible decorating, combined with her joyful celebration of living in the countryside, makes her the ultimate feelgood style influencer – a person we’re happy to walk through the seasons with.

In her monthly column, she brings a deeper insight into her world, and what it’s like to live in Norfolk, a county on the UK’s east coast. Here, she shares the rituals, traditions and Easter decorating ideas – some new, some passed down the family – that bring happiness and hope at this time.

Childhood Easters

springtime flowers and baking

(Image credit: Paula Sutton)

‘As with many things in life, there were two sides to the coin when it came to celebrating Easter during my youth. 

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