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‘Criminal Minds’ Fans Are Supporting Paget Brewster After Her Emotional Twitter Message

Paget Brewster has some concerns over a recent social media development, and she’s hoping fans will stay alert on Twitter moving forward.

In early April, the social media platform began rolling out changes that affected users who received free verification from the company in the past. The organization shared that starting on April 1 (which then became April 20), those who had a blue checkmark would lose their accreditation on the site. Should they want it back, they would need to subscribe to Twitter Blue, which offers the famous symbol starting at $8 per month or $84 per year. But as many chose not to buy into it, Paget became one of those who forfeited it.

Ahead of the big change, the Criminal Minds: Evolution star voiced her fears over what this could potentially mean for her and her followers. More specifically, the actress acknowledged the possibility of being imitated online. “Hi guys, just so you know, I’m not going to pay for a checkmark,” she wrote on Twitter on April 2. “That means someone might impersonate me.”

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Paget continued: “I’m a little afraid of it but I know YOU know this is me. And us. And I hope we can keep talking and supporting each other here. ❤️.”

Soon after she shared what was on her mind, fans immediately took notice of it. They started flooding her comments section with words of support, saying they’ll still follow her with or without being verified.

‘Criminal Minds: Evolution’

'Criminal Minds: Evolution'

‘Criminal Minds: Evolution’

“Don’t worry Paget, we know when it’s you ❤️,’ one person wrote on Twitter. “[Of course] we will always be there supporting you!! 💗✨💗,” another follower replied. “Paget we love you!! If someone impersonates you I will go full BAU and find them <33,” a different user added, referencing the FBI unit her character leads on the Paramount+ drama.

As far as other Criminal Minds stars who lost their elite Twitter status, Paget isn’t the only one. A.J. Cook, Matthew Gray Gubler, Shemar Moore and Joe Mantegna are other cast members who don’t have checkmarks either, so folks may want to check the other actors’ accounts before assuming they’re following the right celebrity.

With or without a checkmark, we’ll make sure to keep up with Paget’s whereabouts.

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