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Could it be the most authentic Yoga Teacher Training in the world?

About the Yoga New Vision Teacher Training

This training is designed to get you rooted in the tradition as well as give you all the tools you need to shine as a teacher.

Talking about the school and its vision, Sadhana Om, Creative Director and Bhakti Yoga Teacher from India, says, “We create a space where individuals feel seen, heard, and empowered to reach their fullest potential. Our heartful dedication lies in the growth of our students, and our program is carefully crafted to cater to their unique needs on physical, mental, and spiritual levels.”

A Unique experience with Real Indian Masters

Nestled in the beautiful surroundings of Bali, Yoga New Vision’s TTC offers a unique experience. This is the only training in Bali where monks, swamis, doctors, and physiotherapists from India come together under one roof to impart this ancient knowledge.

“Our teachers come from diverse backgrounds and ancient lineages with their hearts open to all beliefs and backgrounds. Creating unity in diversity. This approach provides a well-rounded and inclusive experience, allowing students to learn in an environment that is comfortable, familiar, and not bound to any single tradition.”, as highlighted by Devi, local Balinese operational manager at YNV.

This training is focused on promoting personal growth as well as teaching mindset in students giving them a clear understanding of Yoga Asana, Body Alignment, Anatomy, Pranayama, Chakras, The eight limbs of yoga, Mantras, and the five layers of the body.

The course is enriched with regular meditation and asana practice and gives a profound experience that can truly transform people.

“The teachers infuse sessions with occasional dance and music, adding a delightful touch of joy and rhythm with other activities to make the learning fun and interesting.”; says Ayesha, former YNV 200hrs student.

Yoga Teacher Training With a Difference

Yoga asana is an excellent way to care for the body, but sometimes, meditation and yoga philosophy can be overlooked. While a healthy body is essential, a healthy mind is equally crucial. However, many training revolve around postures only. In this training, on the other hand, there is equal emphasis on the physical and spiritual aspects, including a deep understanding of yoga philosophy and meditation with Yoga Asanas, bringing balance to both body and mind.

“Studying yoga philosophy and meditation is vital in life, as it helps you understand and know your true self. It brings self-awareness, compassion, and harmony within and around you,” emphasizes Swami Atma, Philosophy and Meditation Teacher at YNV, and a Monk from Rishikesh, Capital of Yoga, India”

“We not only bring about a difference in the student’s lives but also do it differently, We personally take care of each student especially when it comes to any back pain, knee pain or any other injury at our trainings, guiding our students towards healing with the help of yoga” Says Anurag Acharya, Anatomy teacher at YNV, A renowned physiotherapist and YogaTeacher from Ujjain, the city of Shiva, India.