5 storage solutions for your holiday decor

It’s time to start thinking about putting away your baubles and lights and saying goodbye to your holiday decor until next year.

However, putting everything away can sometimes be tricky! Here are five storage solutions for your holiday decor.

1. Lights

Wrap your garlands around a piece of cardboard and store them in a box to avoid damaging the wires or the light bulbs.

2. Organize your tree ornaments

For optimal organization, buy clear storage containers with different compartments for individual decorations. That way, they won’t crush into one another and are easily identifiable. You can also use cardboard egg boxes for smaller decorations.

Storage box, Amazon, $54




3. Wreaths

Keep your wreaths fluffy and untangled by wrapping them in plastic and hanging them on a clothing rack. You can also use garment bags for this. 

Translucent garment bags, Amazon, $28



4. Extra wrapping

Collect all the extra ribbons and wrapping paper to avoid waste and save it for the next season. Roll up the ribbons and place them in a shoe box or a gift box. A great hack is to use an over-the-door shoe organizer for your rolls of wrapping paper.

Over-the-door shoe organizer, Amazon, $16



5. Christmas tree

Artificial Christmas trees, especially flocked or frosted ones, are especially delicate and require special care. Consider getting a special storage box. Make sure to place the instructions on top so you can easily find them next season.

Storage box, Canadian Tire, $39.99






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