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5 ideas for using LED lighting in a kitchen that make me regret not including it in my own remodel

Including LED lighting into your kitchen is the ultimate finishing touch for a space. During the daytime, it’s a feature that’s unassuming – something you’d only notice if you really pay attention, while at night it makes your kitchen come alive. This makes them a surprisingly minimalist choice for your kitchen, too, forgoing fussy fixtures and fittings and create a soft glow. 

Recessed LED light strips make for great accent lighting in a kitchen, but they can be functional, too. ‘LEDs under the upper cabinetry are great for task lighting and, from an aesthetic standpoint, work well to highlight the countertop and backsplash,’ explains Philip J. Consalvo, architect and principal of PJCArchitecture. As useful and practical as that may be, it’s not the sort of design detail that gets the blood pumping. 

Article source: www.livingetc.com