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23 smart and stylish dining chairs and kitchen chairs

Whether you have an eat-in kitchen, an open plan diner-reception or a full blown dining room, you will be aware of the difference a dining chair can make to your meal. A comfortable chair can result in long conversations, laughter and happy memories made as you languish around the dining table. An uncomfortable chair, however, will do the opposite, sending your party off to scatter around the house and take to the sofa. So, with that in mind, (and the import of a good dining chair truly impressed upon you) the House & Garden team have selected the best dining room chairs for all budgets.

What’s the best dining chair to buy?

Before making your decision about exactly which chairs you’d like to purchase, ask yourself what your requirements are. If you have a young family, something wipeable and moveable is the most practical option. If you often have surprise guests, a few folding chairs kept in easily accessible storage will mean you’re always prepared. If you have an open plan house, you’ll want something with enough presence to delineate its’ own ‘zone’. Will you use these seats everyday or will they be kept for special occasions? If it is the former, then bear in mind that something covered in a sumptuous fabric may need to be reupholstered at some point.

Once you’ve chosen the right dining table and chairs for your space, you can decorate it to your hearts’ content. For inspiration and the best places to buy, check out our guides to cutlery sets, plate sets and the best glasses. Fancy elevating it even more? We also have guides to candles and candlestick holders, napkins and tablecloths.

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