2022 Roofing Trends Takes Roofing to New Heights

Home decor is looking up in 2022 – literally. That’s because designer roofs will be all the rage in the year ahead, says leading roofing expert BP Building Products of Canada (BP Canada) in unveiling the top roofing trends.


Luxurious stone finishes, nature-inspired colours and mixed materials take roof designs to new heights.

Think dynamic roof finishes that are intended to get noticed and – like our home’s interiors – emit a sense of personal style.

“It’s no longer just about having a functional roof overhead, but rather the trend is to combine durability with fashion and infuse roofing with colour, texture and a mix of materials to enhance the overall curb appeal of a home. A roof should be viewed as a crown jewel on top of your home to complement today’s upscale exterior finishes.”

— Nathalie Lambert, Marketing Director of BP Canada.


According to BP Canada, the hottest roofing trends for 2022 are:


1.  Nature-inspired colours


BP Canada | Shingles: Manoir | Colour: Versailles


🏠 As Canadians spend more time at home, they’re craving decor that exudes a sense of nature, tranquility and old-world charm, and this reality is extending to roofing as well. Trending roof colours are deeper and richer, inspired by stone, earth, sand, bark and the sea – all adaptable, timeless hues that enhance a home’s uniqueness while evoking a sense of calm and blending with the surrounding environment. Natural combinations of grey and beige with a pop of blue will be especially popular, as will earthy grey tones resembling weathered pieces of wood.



2.  Mixed materials


BP Canada | Shingles: Mystique | Colour: Slate Grey


🏠 Adding to the wow factor of roofs in 2022 is a clever mix of clean lines, contrasts and textures. We’ll increasingly see roofing products that unify wood, stone, coloured concrete and imitation ceramic steel elements together as one harmonious whole. Whether combining tone-on-tone textures or an interesting mix of finishes, the new roofing product blends are designed to exude warmth and a natural feel.



3.  Made-to-measure


BP Canada | Shingles: Mystique | Colour: Stone Wood 


🏠The wide range of colour and texture combinations for the year ahead means choosing a roof that matches your home’s personality and individual style is easier than ever. Rich brown earth tones with a natural stone texture, for example, lend themselves to a country look, while timeless and classic grey shingles offer a soft contrast to the multi-gabled roof of a contemporary home. For a more modern aesthetic, grey-brown shades of shingles work well with today’s popular dark brown and black exteriors.



4.  Uber-protection


BP Canada | Shingles: Vanguard | Colour: Twilight Grey


🏠With severe weather events on the rise, today’s roofing products need to be build for the long-term, with technological advances that provide unprecedented performance. When choosing a roof, select high-performance roofing products that provide maximum resistance.



To help visualize these new roofing looks on your house and select the style and colours that best complement your home, BP Canada offers a free, simple-to-use Visualizer Tool.

For more information about BP Canada’s products and new Manoir line, or to find a retailer or BP Certified Roofer near you, visit or call 1-800-268-5927. 




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