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13 Editors Share Their Nighttime Skin-Care Routines

Rose Ingleton MD SuperFruit Gentle Brightening Cleanser

“This Rose Ingleton MD SuperFruit Gentle Brightening Cleanser is mine and imma stick beside it. This fresh gel concoction from Dr. Ingleton has earned its permanent space in my shower. It’s spiked with the brand’s signature Jamaican SuperFruit Blend, a mix of antioxidant-rich fruit acids straight from the island. It’s pricey, yes, but I love how it makes my skin feel, plus it was gentle on my mug when I was breaking out in response to pollen in the air. Even if I forget to take my antihistamines, I know my skin won’t be too irritated by this cleanser. There’s no stripped feeling afterward, either. Gels can sometimes leave my skin super dry, but not so with this — must be the aloe leaf juice powder they blended into the formula.” $38 (Shop Now)

Manna Kadar Lippie Love Scrub 2.0

“I couldn’t stop using this Manna Kadar Lippie Love Scrub 2.0 if I tried. In the past, I stayed away from lip scrubs because they generally come in messy jars or tubes that are hard to squeeze. And then sometimes, the little grains meant to slough the dead skin off your lips simply aren’t fine enough. All that fuss just didn’t seem worth it when I could get a similar effect by simply running my toothbrush over my lips. 

But since this came across my desk, trust and believe my lips are exfoliated on the daily. The formula comes in a bullet, so there’s no messy tub to stick my nails in. All I have to do is wet the edge, maybe scratch it a little bit with my thumb to get it going, then work this across my lips. Once you wash off the little grains (which are the perfect size and consistency), you’ll notice that the emollient-rich formula leaves your lips feeling supremely soft and fully moisturized. I love to use this at home, and since it’s small, it’s easy to toss into my skin-care bag when I travel.” $19 (Shop Now)

La Roche-Posay Hylau B5 Pure Hylauronic Acid System

“It’s been just a little over two years since I first fell in love with La Roche-Posay Hylau B5 Pure Hylauronic Acid System. While there are a ton of hyaluronic acid serums that I enjoy and use, I consistently come back to this one. This imparts a barrier of moisture to my skin you can feel sinking in seconds after application. I use it regardless of the season; it works for my dry skin in the winter and doesn’t feel too heavy in the summer. Year round, I’m dewy, glowing, and getting asked to drop the skin-care routine. This is part of it.” $37 (Shop Now)

Glossier After Baume

“I favor a heavy moisturizer in general, but I especially love it when I go to bed. Glossier’s After Baume is just the right amount of intensity I need to make my skin feel like it’s being treated. Applying this after my hyaluronic serum is absolutely heaven — maximum dewiness incoming.” $28 (Shop Now) 

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate Moisturizing Face Oil

“I finish off my entire routine with either one of two facial oils I like to cycle between. I don’t like parched-looking skin when I wake up; when I use either one of these oils, crust in my eyes be damned; my skin is absolutely refreshed by the a.m. If I have a pimple, the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate Moisturizing Face Oil does a wonderful job of calming down the inflammation by morning.” $78 (Shop Now)

Sunday Riley Luna Retinoid Oil

“If I feel like my skin has been looking dull (like when I have to take a break from using products because of my allergies), I’m more likely to reach for the Sunday Riley Luna Retinol Oil to reap some of the benefits of the retinol it’s got.” $105 (Shop Now)